Like moonlight, where you can choose what bitrate you prefer for the streaming, currently there's only the ''Max bandwith'' option but this only determines the maximum bitrate (50), not if it is used at all times.

I don't think you should remove the function Parsec has right now which is automatic adjust, but there should be an option for selecting bitrate as in my case the image doesn't look as good as I would like and I wouldn't mind adding some latency in change for quality (I know of the existence of the advanced commands but these don't make an strict change either)

I think people who use this to game on their computers remotely would appreciate this a lot, I certainly would given that the image doesn't look as I would like it to :(.

Sorry for the long description, finally I would like to say that Parsec is really good! Thanks for all the work you put in this, I hope you find my suggestion helpful ;)