I'd like to see a standalone Parsec OS for old computers, Chrome Apps for Chromebooks and computers that don't wish to install standalone software, and official Play Store support for Chromebooks and Android phones.

Use cases:

- I have a Razer Blade 2017, it's fine and runs great, but I want to sell it and use Parsec instead.

- I also have Acer Chromebook R13 and want to use it for productivity and Parsec when needed. This chromebook is affordable, but like many others, don't have support for .apk yet. (Like many other normal consumers, I don't like putting it into development mode, so that's out of the picture)

- I have an old Vaio VGN-TZ150N 2007. Even it's an old laptop, it has 5Ghz Wifi support which is pretty nice. Some old laptops and desktop can make use of a Parsec OS to breathe new life into it.

- Why Chrome Apps? Some old laptops like to install Chromium OS (NOT Chromebook), and Chromium OS won't have Android support, so a Chrome App (not chrome extensions) is necessary in addition to Android app

I like Parsec because you guys care about supporting multiple platforms and even Rasberry Pi 3. So let's raise it to another level and have those supports.